At Koppers, we think, plan, and operate in a culture of Zero Harm, always working to place the safety and health of our employees, communities, and environment first. We continue to elevate sustainability as a core priority and an aspirational way to demonstrate strong and meaningful corporate citizenship.

What We Do

Koppers provides safe and environmentally responsible solutions for our customers’ most important challenges. We do this in a variety of industries, primarily in treatments that extend and preserve the utility of wood across multiple applications and products. We actively and aggressively work to discover, refine, and apply all available technologies and tactics to achieve this critical goal in the most environmentally responsible and safe manner.

How We Do It

Cut and treated wood provides a sustainable and critical product required to fulfill transportation, utility and housing needs. As we preserve these wood products, we extend this life cycle and further reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on our environment by allowing our forests to filter and sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into the very products we use.

Why We Do It

Koppers exists as a company to serve the needs of our customers across various industries, primarily by providing products that treat and preserve wood. The lifecycle of wood is becoming increasingly important, as society better understands its impact on our environment.