Seeking Your
Valuable Feedback

As society continues to evaluate and act on major concepts and concerns, Koppers will continue to adapt accordingly. Maintaining a primary focus on the safety of our employees, the well-being of our communities, and the protection of the larger environment can – and must – coexist with the successful operation of our company. That is what we believe at Koppers. This defines Zero Harm, the foundational attitude and approach to our business.

We are committed to continuing our sustainability efforts so that the next generation and those that follow can live in a society that is safe, healthy, and prosperous.

The pledge to operate in a sustainable manner never ends, and this pledge requires us to always look for a better way. Koppers will keep working to operate as a responsible corporate citizen regarding effective sustainability strategies and practices through our focus on advancing and deepening a Zero Harm culture.

We will continue to provide regular updates on our actions and our progress, and invite your feedback to maintain a productive dialogue with our customers, suppliers, neighbors, and all other stakeholders.