• Koppers provided more than $136 million in salary and wages to its employees worldwide. These wages serve to sustain our employees and their families and ultimately become part of the financial foundation of the communities where our operations are located and our employees live.
  • In addition to wages, Koppers paid corporate income taxes and a variety of other corporate taxes globally of nearly $42 million in 2017.
  • Koppers employees around the world contribute more than $37 million to their national, state, and local governments through the taxes paid on their income from the company.
  • Koppers economic impact to society from wages and taxes exceeded $215 million in 2017. We are proud to provide products and services that help our customers be successful while at the same time contributing economically to society.
  • Regarding the company’s contribution to regional economies, charitable services, sports, and the arts, Koppers partners with many organizations where we operate in order to support their efforts. Koppers direct charitable giving totaled more than $754,000.
  • Koppers positively impacts local economies the world over. In Kenya, for example, Koppers has engaged local providers to design and build a new production plant for one of its chemical products. By locating manufacturing closer to its end market, Koppers can lower costs while contributing significantly to regional engineering, design, and construction companies, thereby boosting the local economy.
  • In the U.S., one of the most impressive examples of Koppers assisting a regional economy can be found along the South Side of Chicago, where the Stickney plant is experiencing a major expansion and upgrade. This facility has a long legacy of providing employment in the area, with the ongoing construction project providing jobs to about 200 contractors, representing millions in local investment — one of few major companies expanding employment in that area.