Message from the CEO

Our company supports sustainability because we think and act with people as our top priority. A sustainable company, a sustainable world, benefits everyone. It’s basic common sense.

At Koppers, a Zero Harm safety culture stands as the first responsibility of managers, fellow employees, and corporate leadership. Zero Harm provides the engine and the undercurrent of how we think, act, and make decisions.

And why? Because we believe that when we first care for people — including employees in our facilities, neighbors in the communities where we operate, and all who benefit from a healthier environment — business results will follow and our record of sustainability can only improve. As proof, in 2017, 13 of our 31 operating facilities worked accident-free, and the number of our full-year OSHA recordable incidents was slightly below our 2016 results — all factors contributing to achievement of the best financial performance in Koppers history.

From an environmental standpoint, emissions of greenhouse gases from Koppers facilities continued on their downward trend marking the fifth consecutive year of improvement. A shining example is our Nyborg, Denmark, facility, which has achieved a record reduction in emissions while doubling production. As an added bonus that facility also now uses less energy, allowing us to support the nearby community by diverting waste heat to the municipal grid to heat residents’ homes.

Those examples build upon the legacy of our base business of taking materials that would otherwise be considered waste and converting them into usable products. That is the very definition of sustainability, and I’m proud to say that it’s embedded into our core business model.

I invite you to review this website, which features examples of our improved performance in 2017. As you review that material, keep in mind the many Koppers employees who are driving that performance. Employees who everyday inspire me by what they are doing to make our company a safer, stronger, cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable place to work. It is what sets us apart, and makes me proud to be the leader of Koppers.


Leroy M. Ball
President and CEO