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Koppers Locations

Utility and Industrial Products Contacts

Utility Pole and Cross Arm Sales

Utility Sales Team
Michelle Griffin
Director Utility Product Sales
Phone: 803 747-1662

Troy Calabrese
National Sales Manager
Phone: 412 417 4325

Pilings, Specialty Timbers and Lumber Sales for Foundation, Marine & Heavy Civil

Primary phone contact number for Industrial Construction Product Sales, Contractor and Engineering Inquiries: 1 800 321 PILE (7453)

Industrial Construction Products Sales Team

Randy Kelly
Director Construction Products Sales
Toll Free: 800 321 PILE (7453)
Cell: 908 400 8862

Bill Witt
Inside Sales Manager Construction Products Sales
Toll Free: 800 321 PILE (7453)
Cell: 908 400 8862

Utility and Industrial Recovery Services

Chad Russell
Directory Recovery Services
Phone: 864 516 4852