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Utility and Industrial Products

Koppers Utility and Industrial Products is a world leader in the manufacturing of specialty pressure-treated wood products used primarily for utility infrastructure, deep foundation systems, heavy civil and marine construction projects. Pressure treated wood is a sustainably harvested and renewable natural resource with the added benefits to the environment of sequestering CO2 through preservation. Treated wood is the economical solution by make structures more durable, thereby increasing safety, while reducing both initial and replacement costs.

Koppers Utility and Industrial Products supplies and services the utility, foundation and marine construction industries. In the United States, we are largest vertically integrated manufacturer of with treated wood utility poles, foundation pilings, marine pilings, specialty timbers and lumber.  Utilities rely on our pressure treated wood poles to support overhead electric lines as critical infrastructure. Construction of building deep foundations, highways, bridges, docks and wharfs stand on Koppers durable industrial pilings, timbers and lumber.


Utility Poles

Utility Cross Arms

Foundation Pilings

Timber Inclusions soil improvement

Marine Pilings

Specialty Timber and Lumber 


Koppers Recovery Services

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