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Track Panels

Track Panels


Designed to meet the needs of new construction or for emergency washout and derailment issues, Koppers track panels are preassembled strips of rail in length of up to 40 feet. Fast shipping and a variety of rail designs and lengths are available to get your trains up and running.

Track panels are preassembled in the factory in order to ensure accuracy and precision, and we can assemble panels in various lengths and shapes to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Koppers Track Panels

  • Reliability. Koppers large inventory of track panels allows us to meet our customers' emergency needs consistently and cost-effectively.
  • Customer-focused. Koppers is able to ship by rail or other means directly to a derailment or construction site for quick and easy installation.
  • Efficient. Used with Koppers specialty track hardware, our track panels provide a seamless installation in a fraction of the time needed for more traditional methods.