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Tie Pre Plating

Tie Pre Plating


Railroad tie plating connects the rail to the crossties and since plating crossties in the field has been inefficient and potentially error-prone, Koppers has automated the process of pre-plating.

By completing the pre-plating process in a factory controlled environment, Koppers produces better quality crossties in a more economical manner. Tie plates are mechanically gauged, spikes are precisely driven, and the finished ties are ready for field installation. Koppers pre-plating services meet the needs of railroads in all regions of the country.


  • Accuracy. Pre-plating provides precise measurement and accurate finished products, ready for error-free installations.
  • Economical. By pre-plating with automatic equipment, Koppers works faster and more efficiently, without weather-imposed delays.
  • Flexibility. Koppers pre-plated ties can be built to your specifications.