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Treated wood creates more durable structures that resist decay, increasing safety, reducing replacement costs and preserving valuable forests.


Pressure-Treated Wood

Economical and reliable pressure-treated wood crossties, switch ties and lumber are the foundation of Koppers railroad products and services.

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Tie Pre Plating

Railroad tie plating connects the rail to the crossties and since plating crossties in the field has been inefficient and potentially error-prone, Koppers has automated the process of pre-plating.

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Track Panels

Designed to meet the needs of new construction or for emergency washout and derailment issues, Koppers track panels are preassembled strips of rail in length of up to 40 feet. Fast shipping and a variety of rail designs and lengths are available to get your trains up and running.

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Rail Joints & Track Components

Koppers rail joints and track component are produced in our Huntington, West Virginia facility. As an industry leader in wood and concrete ties for the rail transportation industry, the production of rail joints and track components enable us to offer products in a seemless and efficient fashion.

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