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Railroad Products and Services

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Koppers is a world leader in the manufacturing of pressure-treated wood products used primarily for the railroad and electric/communications industries. Treated wood makes structures more durable and resistant to decay, thereby increasing safety, reducing replacement costs and preserving valuable forests. Koppers has been serving the railroad industry with treated wood railroad ties and railroad crossing panel products for more than 25 years. In North America, we are the largest provider of railroad crossties for the Class I Railroads and are known for our pre-plated crossties.

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Railroad Structures became part of Koppers Railroad Products and Services business in August 2014.

Railroad Structures is one of the country’s largest bridge rehabilitation and inspection providers and is also one of the few companies that specialize in all three types of bridge structures – wood, steel and concrete.

The railroad industry is the backbone of the transportation system that serves the North American economies and the Koppers team is committed to ensuring the services we provide will have a positive impact on the growth and vitality of the industry for many years to come.