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Rail Joints & Track Components

Rail Joints & Track Components



Rail Joints
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Bolted Insulated Rail Joints
Bonded Rail Joints
Standard Rail Joints
Track Components

Bolted Insulated Rail Joints

ComPly Epoxy Fiberglass Rail Joints (Dry)

Made from ComPly material, which features a fiberglass reinforced cured epoxy composite utilizing continuous non-woven glass filaments oriented in manufacturing to provide optimum strength, stiffness, and fatigue resistance. The electrical-grade epoxy resin and glass fibers provide the ultimate in electrical insulation properties.

Ideal in applications for almost any rail size around the world, ComPly insulated joints come in kits ready with all components included and ready for installation.

Polyurethane Encapsulated Rail Joints (Dry)

Polyurethane encapsulated rail joints feature a steel bar core that has exceptional strength. Excellent electrical integrity is derived from a highly durable polyurethane coating that resists moisture and excessive temperature. Polyurethane encapsulated kits come ready with all components included and ready for installation. 

Plastic Insulation Kits

For use in armored or regular continuous insulated joints. Two unique belts, at each end of the base piece prevent the insulation from slipping out of the joint. The Black Belt system features high-density polyethylene insulation material. These kits are impervious to water and moisture, insects, decay and chemicals. They are available as replacement kits only. 

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Bonded Rail Joints

Koppers variety of bonded rail joints have a global, field-proven reputation and are available for all types of freight, transit, high-speed and heavy-haul installation applications, including toeless versions for use with direct fixation fastening systems.

Koppers Field Kits and Factory Bonded Plugs (Glued)

  • Designed for long-term, maintenance-free service
  • Optimum design with rolled, heat-treated micro-alloy steel bars
  • Kits contain pre-measured adhesive, insulation material, fasteners, and end posts; everything needed for one permanent joint
  • Quickly installed when used with fast curing adhesive system in the field or factory-bonded applications

Thermabond Adhesive and Insulator System for Factory and Field Bonded Joints (Glued)

  • Provides significant shear strength and corrosion resistance
  • Available in kit form for field bonding or factory applications
  • Available for many rail sizes
  • Impregnated epoxy activated by heating during the installation process and dry-to-touch
  • Ideal for new applications and for field repair of existing bonded insulated rail joints where bond failure has occurred and where joint bars can be reclaimed, eliminating a need for new plugs

Kevlar Bonded Insulated Rail Joints

  • Displays more elasticity than a joint with fiberglass insulation
  • Available for 500 MGT warranty on certain rail sizes
  • Available as factory made bonded insulated joint plugs in 6-hole and 8-hole joint bar designs

CENTER LINER® Insulated Bonded Joints (Patented)

  • Creates a stiffer joint through mechanical wedging action between the joint bars and the rail
  • Increased stiffness delays the unzipping that typically begins at the high stress end post area
  • Deflection is reduced approximately 30 percent compared to a conventional production bonded joint design and maintains this stiffness for a longer period of time over a Kevlar or fiberglass joint design
  • Almost 15 times stronger in compression than a conventional production bonded joint design
  • Shear strength similar to a conventional production bonded joint design
  • Available for a 600 MGT warranty on certain rail sizes

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Standard Rail Joints

Headfree Toeless Standard Rail Joints

  • Headfree toeless joints assure maximum stiffness and strength
  • Meets or exceeds AREMA (American Railroad Engineering and Maintenance - of - Way Association) specifications
  • Some section sizes include an improved microalloy steel exceeding AREMA tensile and yields by a minimum of 25 percent

High Relief Headfree Toeless Joints

  • Provides 7/16" more wheel flange clearance over conventional AREMA bars
  • Allows upwards of 1" rail head wear on the larger rails
  • Eliminates wheel to bar contact except in the most severely worn wheel/rail conditions
  • Bar longevity increased with lessened wheel impacts
  • Improved microalloy steel exceeding AREMA tensile and yields by a minimum of 25 percent
  • Can be provided to meet higher Charpy impact strength for colder environments
  • Available in 115/119 and 132/36/41 RE sizes

Weld-Mate Weld Repair Joint Bars

  • Designed for maintaining rail alignment in case of field weld failure or detected rail flaw failure
  • High-strength steel bar includes a forged offset that fits around the weld and hold securely until repairs can be made
  • Can be installed on most currently-used rail sections

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Track Components

Polyurethane Encapsulated Gauge Plate Insulators

  • Features the strength of a steel plate core encapsulated in polyurethane
  • Provides excellent electrical integrity as well as resistance to moisture, excessive temperatures and extreme environmental conditions
  • Available in a number of sizes and can be manufactured to custom sizes upon request

ComPly Epoxy Fiberglass Gage Plate Insulators and Switch Rod Insulators

  • Simple one piece splice sections replace costly and time-consuming bent steel plates with an easy butt joint
  • Impervious to snow, ice and rain
  • Dimensionally stable under all track conditions
  • Available in any size, drill pattern or quantity

Polyurethane Insulated Tie Plates

  • Molded from the same durable polymer as the polyurethane encapsulated insulated rail joint
  • Prevents tie cutting

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For more information or quotes on any Koppers Rail Joints or Track Components, please call one of our account representatives at 1-888-KOP-TIES (1-888-567-8437).