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Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-Treated Wood



Economical and reliable pressure treated wood crossties, switch ties and lumber are the foundation of Koppers railroad products and services.

With nine wood treatment plants located on major rail lines throughout the United States and Canada, Koppers is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of Class I and short line railroads and railroad contractors from coast-to-coast.


Koppers nationwide tie procurement network means crossties and switch ties are readily available to quickly meet the needs of customers. Koppers maintains a network of 30 hardwood crosstie concentration yards, and untreated crossties and switch ties from these procurement centers are delivered as needed to Koppers wood treating plants.


Koppers wood treatment plants produce high quality creosote treated crossties, switch ties and lumber. All nine plants combine industry standard treatment with strategic location to provide reliability with maximum efficiency.


  • Durability. Wood treated with Koppers creosote performs better and requires less maintenance 
  • Dependable. Longer-lasting ties mean less replacement costs. 
  • Efficient and economical. Nine wood treating plants located on major rail lines means lower transportation costs and shorter delivery times. 
  • Compatibility. Koppers products suit both Class 1 and shortline railroads as well as coast-to-coast commercial lines.
  • Reliability. Uninterrupted supply to our customers for 25 years.
Koppers Patented Dual Treatment Process in Action

This animation video shows how Koppers extends the life of wooden railroad ties with its patented dual treatment process.


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