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Mark R. McCormack

Mark R. McCormack

Vice President, Australasian Operations

Mark McCormack was elected Vice President, Australasian Operations in May 2014, with overall responsibility for various China and Asia Pacificoperations. Mr McCormack was elected Vice President, Australian Operations in November 2006. He was elected Vice President and General Manager, Global Marketing, Sales and Development Group, Carbon Materials and Chemicals of Koppers Inc., in February 2002. He was appointed Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development, Koppers Europe in January 2001. He was appointed General Manager of Carbon Materials & Chemicals Australia (Koppers Coal Tar Products and Continental Carbon Australia) in 1998. From 1992-1998 he had been General Manager of its carbon black facility near Kurnell, NSW. He began his career with Koppers in 1985. He is a graduate of The University of New South Wales and Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program.