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Koppers has a strong commitment to the industries it serves. In addition to the following general information about the railroad industry, visit our Safety, Health and Environmental pages for specific information about Koppers products and commitment to the environment.

American Wood Preservers Institute

First established in 1921, the American Wood Preservers Institute (AWPI) is the national industry trade association representing the pressure treated wood industry throughout the United States. Member companies are wood pressure treaters, preservative manufacturers and other companies working to conserve forest resources, preserve the environment, and extend the life of wood products through the manufacture of pressure treated wood.

American Wood Preserving Association

The American Wood Preserving Association (AWPA) is an international, nonprofit technical organization founded in 1904 to provide a common forum for the exchange of information for all segments of the wood preservation industry. AWPA provides a link for technical exchange between industry, researchers, and users of treated wood. Its principal objective is to make wood, the only renewable natural resource used as a structural material, an even better material.

Railway Tie Association

The Railway Tie Association (RTA) is the forum for the interests and needs of all groups that depend on the wood crosstie industry for their business success. Its mission for almost 100 years has been to ensure that the engineered wood crosstie system continues to evolve and improve in order to remain cost-effective and to meet the ever-changing requirements of track systems around the world.