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Koppers Australia

Koppers Australia


Koppers is a leading integrated producer of carbon compounds and treated wood products for the aluminum, steel, chemical, rubber, railroad, and utility industries. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Koppers has multiple manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and China.

Koppers Australia is a fully-owned subsidiary of Koppers Inc. and operates throughout the Asia Pacific region. We are a leading diversified manufacturer serving the region's industry with Carbon Materials and Chemicals and Wood Products.

Koppers Australia Pty Limited Headquarters

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Koppers Wood Products        

Koppers Wood Products is Australia's largest supplier of treated wood poles, engineering and piling times, and landscaping and viticulture products.

A 100 percent owned subsidiary of Koppers Australia Pty Ltd., Koppers Wood Products operates timber preservation pressure treatment plants in most Australian states. The treatment plants treat wood with a vareity of preservatives to achieve protection against biological degrade from fungi, insects and marine borers, and weather.


Koppers Wood Products - Australia

Location Name City/State Country/Region
Bunbury Plant Bunbury, Western Australia Australia
Grafton Plant Grafton, New South Wales Australia
Longford Plant Longford, Tasmania, Australia
Philippines Office Makati City, Philippines Philippines
Takura Plant Takura, Queensland Australia

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Koppers Wood Products Sales and Technical Information

poles@koppers.com.au or piles@koppers.com.au

For Quotes and Stocklists

  • Hardwood Poles and Piles (NSW/VIC/SA): (+61) 2 6641 2000
  • Koppers landscaping pine logs, building poles, Hardwood Poles and Piles (QLD): 1 800 072 508 or (+61) 7 4191 3800
  • Koppers pine logs and Hardwood Poles and Piles (Tasmania): (+61) 3 6391 4300
  • Koppers Poles and Piles in WA: (+61) 8 9724 7600
  • Technical questions: (+61) 2 9900 6166


Carbon Materials and Chemicals     W1siziisijiwmtivmtevmjkvmtzfntlfmtnfmzyzx0nhcmjvbl9jy29ulmpwzyjdxq?sha=be0a1c5f

Carbon Materials and Chemicals are used by many industries. They are essential to the production of aluminium, steel, plastics, resins, treated wood, and rubber products. They also increase the durability of many products including railroad ties, utility and transmission poles, and marine pilings.

Koppers experience and expertise make it the company that hundreds of manufacturers turn to for top quality carbon pitch and carbon black feedstock.


Koppers Carbon Materials and Chemicals - Australia

Location Name City/State/Country Region
Newcastle Plant Mayfield, New South Wales Australia

Products -- Koppers is a worldwide supplier of carbon pitch, coal tar distillates, industrial wood preservatives, refined tars and specialty chemicals.

Services -- Koppers Australia offers our carbon material and chemical customers services such as material testing, engineering support and logistics.


Resources -- Information dealing with the production, usage and refinement of coal tar may change as new methods are found. Updates are regulary available through our technical support team, located at Koppers Global Technology Center, our research facility located in Harmarville, Pennsylvania, USA, as well as through white papers.


Saftey, Health & Environment -- Koppers has historically been able to achieve customer satisfaction and growth, while wokring within regulations and safteday requirements. Employee, community and environmental safety are our strongest motivations for compliance. 




Koppers Wood Products

Koppers Wood Products is Australia's largest supplier of treated wood poles, engineering and piling timbers, and landscaping and viticulture products.

Koppers Wood Products operates timber preservation pressure treatment plants in most Australian states, and our facilities treat wood with a variety of preservatives to achieve protection against biologiclal degread from fungi, insecrts and marine borings, and weather.

The most common preservative is Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA) and advancements in prefervative technology now allow for the application of Light Organic Solvent Preservative (LOSP) and Tanalith E (Ecowood) for domestic applications. Koppers is the Australian licensee for Pigment Emulsified Creosote (PEC) for heavy duty protection and is able to use other special compounds for specific end-use requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Preservatives

Koppers utilizes these preservatives for the specific needs of our customers. We produce preservative treated timber power poles, foundation and marine piles, and other heavy duty timbers where engineering specifications are strictly defined. Treated pine products are used for landscaping and rural products and are fabricated into a range of products including split logs, slabs and wing splits.

Our treatment facilities are located in Grafton (New South Wales), Takura (Queensland), Longford (Tasmania), and Bunbury (Western Australia). Pine products are handled through a national reseller network.

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