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James J. Healey



James J. Healey

Vice President, Utility and Industrial Products

Jim Healey is Vice President, Utility and Industrial Products (UIP) for Koppers.  He is responsible for advancing Koppers strategy of being a vertically integrated, high-value global supplier of wood-based technologies to infrastructure markets.

Jim started his career at Osmose as a Field Foreman and subsequently left to earn a master’s degree in wood physics from West Virginia University.  In 1985, Jim joined Koppers, where he spent 22 years in various operations roles – the first half of that time period in the railroad business, followed by 11 years in the utility operations. 

Adding to his experience in the utility sector, Jim joined Cox Industries in 2007, which then became a part of Koppers with the Cox acquisition in April 2018.   His most recent role was serving as General Manager – East Region of our UIP business, where he had responsibility for four of seven utility pole treating plants. 

Jim earned a bachelor’s degree in forestry from Iowa State University.  He currently serves as Vice President of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) and will assume the role of President in April 2020.  He remains actively involved in various industry associations, in addition to his current role with the AWPA. 

He resides in Charleston, SC, with his wife, Karyn, and has two sons, Lain and Blair.